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Why do we refer to ourselves as "A Friend in the Business"

POS Consulting

  • Experience with numerous POS systems
  • Specialized in software services and POS maintenance.
  • Licensed with various hardware vendors so you find the right equipment when it comes to upgrading your system.
  • Onsite Training and Go Live Support
  • Services available for the first day you use the system so questions get answered and the job gets done right the first time.

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  • Firewall policies-most firewall policies rely on examining source/destination IP addresses and TCP information.
  • NetFlow statistics-Most networking devices (e.g. routers, switches) can export traffic stats using the NetFlow interface.
  • Route selection-Mechanisms such as Policy Based Routing (PBR), Performance Routing (PFR),
  • Quality of Service-Quality of service is a means of differentiating traffic in the network with the intent of treating one type of traffic differently than another.

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Security System

  • Remote monitoring: Most wireless security camera systems are set up to be viewed on a monitor, If viewing footage on the go is important, investigate those that allow for smartphone access.
  • Amount of saved footage: If looking back at footage over a period of time, rather than on a daily or weekly basis, opt for a wireless security camera that can save up to one month of footage or more.

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